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Custom Airbrush Spray Tan

A custom airbrush tan gives you a look of a more leaner, more toned physique, brighter eyes, and whiter teeth. At Total Tan we will customize your airbrush tan to your desired results.  Your custom airbrush tan will reduce some of the appearance of any skin imperfections you feel you have, spider veins, stretchmarks and cellulite. You’ll look great and feel healthier with that "California Glow" in minutes.
Completely Customized Just For You

​​​​​​​Bye-bye, icky smell and unnatural orange tint. Our Airbrush allows you to choose a Vanilla, Coconut and lime or Sport inspired scents, and exactly how golden you’d like to go. But what really sets this treatment apart is its heated formula: The spray-gun nozzle warms the solution, so it sinks in deeper and dries faster. The result? A more natural-looking, straight-from-the-tropics glow that lasts a full week. We can also create the illusion of abs, and a slimmer you.

We are certified and trained in performing custom spray tans. We use the best airbrush tanning solution on the market today.  We do all airbrush tanning services and tanning parties in our salon. Stop worrying about who will be coming into your home or if there will be a mess left behind for you to clean afterwards. At Total Tan our specialty is tanning, from custom spray tanning to UV tanning we have it all. This has allowed us to master the art of spray tanning.

Watch how easy it is to get a great spray tan!

Treat yourself to one or all of TOTAL TAN’s nourishing skin treatments, including anti-aging sunless tanning, Ph Balance, anti-aging moisturizer or shimmer treatments and watch your skin be transformed. TOTAL TAN’s multi-treatment system is an all natural sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals that leave your skin radiant with a natural looking golden brown glow.

Pre Care

• Preparation

• Shower

• Shave

• Exfoliate your body with a proper made for sunless product (soaps dry out your skin) to get flawless results

• Do not wear lotion

• Do not wear deodorant

• Wear loose, dark clothing and open toed sandals

After Care

• Wait at least 6-8 hours to shower or sweat

• Do not swim, as this will remove the sunless tan

• Use the Sunless Extend lotion to keep the skin hydrated and make the tan last longer

• Use our aerosol to touch up the face, hands and feet between session

Call today to book an appointment for an Airbrush personalized by our certified air brush technician.

Sometimes You Just Have To Look Perfect

There are certain events that will be forever remembered. Or that may change your life if everything goes just right. These are times you do not want to leave your appearance to chance.

Custom-Blended Airbrush Tanning by Total Tan, will give you the perfect color just when you need to look your absolute, knock-em-dead best. These tans are customized just for you: your preferences, your skin tone, and your body shape. It’s all you… just enhanced! 

• Weddings

• Parties

• Birthdays

• Anniversaries

• Holidays

• Celebrations

• Family Gatherings

• Job Interviews

• Girls’ Night Out

• Tanning Emergencies

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Tipping your Tan Tech is not required but always appreciated. Cash tips are always preferred, but credit cards are accepted.

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The results are in and we are proud to say that Total Tan was voted THE BEST TANNING SALON ON THE WESTSIDE. Wow! We couldn't win without your support and votes. Thank you so much to the great staff at Total Tan who help our members every day. And a very special THANK YOU to everyone who voted in "The best of the Westside". Our members are awesome and we look forward to continuing to offer you the best in tanning, infrared body wraps, and teeth whitening services in Los Angeles!

Let's Compare: Airbrush & Sunless Booths

If you are new to sunless tanning you may be wondering: what’s the difference between sunless spray booths and airbrush tanning? To help you decide here’s our guide to sunless options:

Automated Airbrush VersaPro and Mystic:

For those who prefer privacy and convenience we offer the VersaSpa and Mystic Automated Airbrush. The booth uses the exact same system of high pressure air and sunless solution as you would see an airbrush artist using so the results will be similar. Just like our airbrush service the VersaSpa/Mystic features a 3 step application beginning with a PH balancing prep spray to promote even absorbsion of the bronzing solution. The second step offers a choice of 3 levels of bronzing solution depending on your skin tone and your desired shade. The treatment finished with the application of a moisturizing finish spray to help lock in your color. You can even choose to spray just your face or just your legs as well as the most popular full body treatment.

Airbrush Tanning:

Considered the best way to get absolutely perfect color, airbrush tanning is the preferred option for those going to an important event as this is applied by a trained airbrush artist who can give you the exact shade of color that’s right for your skin and for the look that you want to achieve. Your artist can even give you more or less color on certain parts of the body as you request. This service generally takes a bit more time than a booth (appointment usually required) but the custom results are worth it!