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Sunless Tanning Tip: Preparing for Your Sunless Tan

Before you get a spray tan, make sure you are ready for your session-


Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

We cannot overstress the importance of pre-session exfoliation. 24 hours prior to your session, clear away any dry, dead skin cells with a ph balancing scrub. This is important to ensure even color and long lasting results.


Protect your skin’s PH levels

Avoid using bar soaps, high ph shower products, or in shower moisturizers. These products can interfere with the DHA bronzing reaction in the skin.


Hair removal

Avoid shaving, waxing, or use of depilatory creams for at least 24 hours prior to your session. 



Don’t create sunless barriers

Skip the lotion and makeup. While moisturizing your skin in the days following your tanning session can make it last longer, applying moisturizers and lotions can interfere with the bronzing spray absorbing into your skin. If you do wear makeup the day of your tan, remove it before spray tanning to get the most even tan on your face. Also, use deodorant sparingly. Believe it or not, it could interact with the spray and turn your armpits a not-so-fab shade of green.


Remove any make up prior to the sunless treatment


Arrive prepared

Wear lose-fitting, dark clothing to your session (preferably cotton). Also, be sure to remove all jewelry and leave it off until your tan is set. This will prevent your clothes and jewelry from rubbing against your skin and smudging your tan or your clothing being stained by the tanning spray.