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We were the 1st tanning salon to offer Sunless Spray Tanning in Los Angeles.

We now offer 3 spray tan options.

The sun will worship you, you smooth, sleek, bronze sexy thing.

Let's Compare: Airbrush & Sunless Booths
If you are new to sunless tanning you may be wondering:
what’s the difference between sunless spray booths and airbrush tanning? To help you decide here’s Total Tan’s guide to sunless options:
VersaSpa Automated Airbrush:
For those who prefer privacy and convenience we offer the VersaSpa Automated Airbrush. The booth uses the exact same system of high pressure air and sunless solution as you would see an airbrush artist using so the results will be similar. Just like our airbrush service the VersaSpa features a 3 step application beginning with a PH balancing prep spray to promote even absorption of the bronzing solution. The second step offers a choice of 3 levels of bronzing solution depending on your skin tone and your desired shade. The treatment finished with the application of a moisturizing finish spray to help lock in your color. You can even choose to spray just your face or just your legs as well as the most popular full body treatment.

Mystic Automated Airbrush:
The Mystic booth is also private and convenient. With the Mystic you can add different levels of bronzer, Aromas and an Accelerator that speeds up the tanning process so you can shower in half the time.
Airbrush Tanning:
Considered the best way to get absolutely perfect color. Airbrush tanning is the preferred option for those going to an important event as this is applied by a trained airbrush artist who can give you the exact shade of color that’s right for your skin and for the look that you want to achieve. Your artist can even give you more or less color on certain parts of the body as you request. This service generally takes a bit more time than a booth (an appointment is required) but the custom results are worth it!

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