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FREE WEEK of TANNING with purchase of Sustain


Sustainability: Acting responsibly so that our planet's resources can support us for generations to come.

At Swedish Beauty, our formulas are inspired by ingredients found in nature. We love the earth and want to care for it while we're here, so it is important to give back what we take out. Because of this dedication to the enviornment, we have carefully crafted a collection of high quality, effective lotions that feature Sustainable, Organic and Natural ingredients to make both your skin and heart happy! Bring out the best Mother Nature has to offer with Swedish Beauty Sustain™. Beauty at its Brightest™! 

Sustainable Babacu Oil: Absorbs and soothes quickly to increase hydration without leaving a greasy after feel

Sustainable Cupuacu Butter: Richly moisturizes for soft, touchable skin

Sustainable + Organic Natural Bronzers: Optimize your color for dark, long-lasting results that stay beautiful and effortless

Organic Persimmon: Supplies Potassium, Calcium and Iron that can powerfully work to improve dull, uneven skin

Go Silky™: Refects light evenly to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin feeling as smooth as silk with a weightless after feel 

100% Natural Herbalodorant™: Contains odor-blocking ingredients that keep you smelling fresh and rejuvenated

​​​​​​​While supplies last, limit 2.


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