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Tanning bed lotions are great to use because they deliver essential moisture and nutrients to your skin that can help jumpstart the tanning process so you achieve the results you crave.

All lotion accelerators and intensifiers are meant to help build your tan and help you keep it longer.  With our tanning bed lotions, you will build a rich, golden base tan. When you hit a plateau, ask your Tanning Consultant about trying a different product to get that extra boost or switching to one of our luxury products with the best tanning and skincare ingredients.  All of the tanning bed lotions we carry will help you develop your tan up to 70% faster, keep your tan longer, and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Every brand’s tanning lotions have a particular set of benefits. For details about each lotion’s unique advantages and to get help in determining which sun tanning lotion will be best for your tanning goals, please speak to one of our knowledgeable Tanning Consultants.


The use of lotions is an absolute necessity when tanning indoors. There are many benefits to using a lotion which plays a vital role in the outcome of your result.

Using a lotion while tanning keeps the skin moisturized which leads to better magnification for maximum tanning results. Without the use of lotion, skin is dry and deflects UV light. Moisturized skin will absorb the UV light, helping to influence the tanning process for a faster, deeper, darker tan.

Faster, Deeper, Darker Tanning Results!

In addition, many lotions contain intensifying, maximizing and bronzing ingredients, which also help amplify your tanning results.

Boost Your Bronze! Magnify Your Melanin!

Stimulate Your Skin!

The other advantage of using an indoor tanning lotion is skin care. Tanning lotions contain many vitamins and nutrients, along with emollients, hydrators, moisturizers, and humectants. Your tanning lotion may even contain age-defying and firming ingredients as well as other skin care benefits.

These ingredients are essential not only in promoting healthier-looking skin, but also to help replenish moisture loss during the tanning process.

Specially-formulated lotions are essential for proper indoor tanning - dry tanning wastes at least 7 minutes of tanning time!

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